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Our Story

  • Clark Andrew Libbey      Guitar/Harmonica/Frotoir/Vocals

  • Ryan Goodhue      Piano/Accordion/Vocals

  • Mikey Hale      Drums/Vocals

  • Kristen Rad      Violin/Vocals

  • Bud Melvin      Pedal Steel/Banjo/Vocals


The High Desert Playboys, hailing from the high desert haunts of Albuquerque, feature some of the finest country and americana musicians in New Mexico. Featuring delicate harmonies, classic country songs, original americana , cajun standards and high energy bluegrass, they are sure to get you up and dancing the night away.

They are lead by singer/songwriter Clark Andrew Libbey, a professional musician with over 27 years experience. One of Albuquerque's best known songwriters, he toured throughout the country promoting his last album "From the Deserts of Ohio". He is joined by Ryan Goodhue, a jazz trained pianist from Boston who's honky tonk sensibilities hearken back to the haunting sounds of long gone wild west. Mikey Hale, one of Albuquerque's finest drummers, rounds out the foundation of the band. Accomplished pedal steel player Bud Melvin, and violinist Kristen Rad, both exceptional soloists, give the band an old school country sound that works for crowds of any age. 

Their newest album "Country Songs for Your Trip to Mars", recorded live in the studio was released in September of 2019. Check it out at




Since 2016 the Playboys have been wandering around New Mexico honky tonks playing dance sets of classic country and original country songs. Coming soon to your town...Don't miss your chance to see them..and bring your dancing shoes!